• Quality that is renewed every vintage

    The care of the wineyard, the vines and the grapes that arise from it are fundamental to the quality of wines. For this reason the vines of Nebbiolo, Vespolina, Barbera and Erbaluce – the only white berried grapes – are cultivated with the most modem and rational growing system.

    Low yelds to work on the quality” is the principle that led to the choice of sixths of plant close and a high density, 5.000 – 7000 plants per hectar, with yelds, wich, throungh new winter pruning and the summer thinning out, do not exceed the 70 quintals per hectar.

    These low yelds, the meticulous work in the vineyard, the system of pruning to Guyot – as is the best tradition in Piemonte – and the particular microclimate of Colline Novaresi contribute to determine the complexity of aromas that is essential to obtain a superior quality wine.