• NUBIE 2011 ridotto

    Nubie 2011 The New Vintage Is Ready

    Wednesday 5 September, 2012 | Information, News | admin | No Comments

      The New Rosato Is Ready For Tasting With the 2011 vintage rosé joins the d.o.c. Colline Novaresi, in fact until 2010 it was possible to make rosé wines only with Nebbiolo grapes and, as such, indicate on the label. From 2011 vintage our denomination is enhanced by a new d.o.c., the Rosato and then, from this harvest, while remaining [...]

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  • decanter

    (Italiano) Fondo Sì Fondo No?

    Sunday 20 November, 2011 | Information, News | admin | No Comments

    Sorry, this entry is only available in Italiano.

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  • IMGP8922

    Turn On A Light Together

    Sunday 13 November, 2011 | Information, News | admin | No Comments

    A Toast For The Hope   There are dark days, problems and difficulties seem unwilling to give respite. The happiness seems inappropriate. It 'so with the greatest sensibility and respect for those who are passing difficult moments that we would like to offer to all of you a little bit of color and a simple virtual toast: [...]

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  • Barazzoni_Corsi di cucina_Autunno 2011

    Cooking Lessons – Autumn 2011

    Thursday 13 October, 2011 | Information, News | admin | No Comments

    Cascina Zoina Sponsor Of Barazzoni Barazzoni www.barazzoni.it reproposes the  famous cooking lessons in collaboration with the most prestigious chefs of the Territory; is an opportunity for those who want to deepen and improve their technique, or for those who want to make a change to the way of cooking, either way an opportunity to discover the secrets of great [...]

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  • RICHI prato mini

    Ricardo Della Zoina

    Friday 26 August, 2011 | Information, News | admin | No Comments

    Richi has left us Today, August 26, 2011, Ricardo Della Zoina, said Richi, has left us. Fortunately for him it was a quick affair, and he has suffered little, but for us it will be much longer and more painful. For our part we can say we offered him a happy life respectful of the [...]

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  • Essenza e Spirito miniatura 2

    The Grappa Has Arrived

    Monday 1 August, 2011 | Information, News | admin | No Comments

    To complete our offer were missing the spirits and, after a  search lasted several years, finally we are able to offer two high-quality spirits, "Lo Spirito" that comes from the marc of our white Erbaluce " Esther Della Zoina" and "L 'Essenza' from the marc of Vespolina "Ricardo della Zoina" both, only with a short aging in stainless steel [...]

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  • vino11

    Per bere un buon vino, ci vuole un buon calice

    Thursday 17 February, 2011 | Information, News | admin | No Comments

    fonte: winenews.it Un Armani non è un semplice “vestito”. Ugualmente i calici Riedel, celebre cristalleria austriaca, non sono semplici “bicchieri”: sono strumenti di precisione per degustare al meglio un determinato vino. Per questo inizia oggi, alla Facoltà di Agraria dell’Università di Milano, il corso “Comunicazione e linguaggio del vino”, ideato da Walter Filiputti, uno dei [...]

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