The Grappa Has Arrived

  • To complete our offer were missing the spirits and, after search lasted several years, finally we are able to offer two high-quality spirits, "Lo Spirito" that comes from the marc of our white Erbaluce " Esther Della Zoina" and "L 'Essenza' from the marc of Vespolina "Ricardo della Zoina" both, only with a short aging in stainless steel tanks, fully express the characteristics of the grape variety of origin, soft and fragrant as required by today's consumers, but with the old system produced by a bain-marie distillation plant. The adventure began having known Paolo  Beccaris that, with his father Carlo and his brother Marco, leads the eponymous distillery, founded in 1951 by her grandfather Elio. Having tasted their production and have evaluated the highest quality and attention that arise at each stage of processing, there were no more doubts, and we have given them our marc safe, as it was, to obtain a product that reflected the philosophy of Cascina Zoina. The adventure started will certainly continue and we hope to propose as soon as the spirits of the other varieties we produce.

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