Esther della Zoina – 2008

  • Colour and Bouquet: dark yellow colour with golden hues, on the nose is fragrant, intense, fruity with notes of sage and elerflower, the bouquet is broad and remembers the scent of ripe citrus, hay and sage. In the mouth it is elegant, warm, full-bodied with a long and persistent finish.

    Vine: Erbaluce 100%.

    Vineyard: 2,600 sqm. planted in 2001 with a density of 5.000 plants/hectare. Exposure South – south/west, altitude 300 metres above sea level. Sandy melted ground.

    Pruning: Guyot with a load of 40.000 gems/ha

    Yield : for the 2008 harvest the yield per hectare has been of 3.6 tons and the yield grape-wine of 50%.

    Wine-making: soft pressing, cold maceration (4°) for 12 hours and fermentation in new oak barrels, 50% oak and 50% acacia at controlled temperature of 19°, malolactic fermentation in oak.

    Aging: twelve months in new oak barrels with daily batonnage, three months in steel and at least three months in bottle.

    Date of bottling: february 15th 2010.


    Actual alcoholic strength of 13.55% v.

    Total acidity of 5,35 g/l.

    Total sulphur dioxide content of 45 mg/l.

    Production: n° 590 bottles 750 ml.

    Serving temperature: 12°

    Potential aging: 10 years

    Wines produced in our cellar are not filtered therefore we recommend to decant as they may be resent natural dregs.

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